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Get To Know Us, Our Why, Our Vision and Our Purpose!

Our Story

Morgan & Moore's story begins with the convergence of two distinct yet harmoniously aligned paths. Founded in June 2022, the brand is the brainchild of Morgan Moore, a seasoned hair stylist and cosmetologist, and Leeina Hoff a dedicated nurse practitioner and certified trichologist. Morgan, feeling a sense of mundanity in her career, prayed for a deeper purpose, recalling a past client's wish for insurance during tough times. This memory sparked an idea, leading her to discover that many insurances indeed cover hair loss treatments for patients with serious illnesses.


Meanwhile, Leeina, working in radiation oncology, felt a similar yearning for a more meaningful impact, especially after the exhausting times of COVID-19. Her experiences with cancer patients, witnessing their battles not just with the disease but also with the loss of self-image and self-esteem, left her searching for a way to be a greater source of light in their lives. Both women, unbeknownst to each other, sought divine guidance for their growing unrest.



The turning point came during a family dinner when Morgan shared her business idea. Leeina, wondering if this was an answer to her prayers, saw potential in Morgan’s concept, viewing it as a chance to influence the happier side of her patients' journeys. This synchronicity of purpose and prayer marked the beginning of Morgan & Moore – a solution to hair loss, but most importantly a ministry driven by a mission to heal and empower.


Morgan Moore, with over a decade of experience as a licensed stylist and hair loss expert, brings her discreet yet impactful artistry to the forefront. Her passion lies in creating a safe space for clients to regain their self-love and confidence, viewing every obstacle as a fight worth overcoming.


Leeina Hoff blending her medical expertise with a profound empathetic touch, journeys with each client towards their unique destination. Her commitment extends beyond restoring appearances; it's about helping clients express themselves and feel their best, both inside and out.


Together, Morgan & Moore embody a vision of empowerment, compassion, and holistic care. They have created a sanctuary where physical restoration meets emotional and spiritual upliftment, guiding clients through their journeys of self-recovery and expression. This is the essence of Morgan & Moore – a place where professional expertise, personal passion, and spiritual guidance converge to offer more than just hair loss solutions; they offer a journey back to self.

Our Vision

To redefine the journey of medical hair loss by providing hope, healing, and holistic support through our cranial prostheses and hair loss solutions, illuminating lives with the love and light of compassion.

Our Mission

To offer more than just hair loss solutions; we exist to restore confidence, nurture souls, and be a beacon of light during our clients' darkest times, embodying the healing love of Jesus Christ in every interaction.

Our Purpose

To deliver high-quality, customized cranial prostheses and innovative hair loss solutions that cater to the unique needs of individuals experiencing medical hair loss, while fostering an environment of genuine care, support, and spiritual upliftment. We aim to empower our clients, restoring confidence and dignity in a supportive, nurturing environment, enabling them to navigate their journey with resilience and joy.

Experience Our Mission Firsthand By Watching The Video Below, Featuring Testimonials From Morgan & Moore Clients... 
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