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Restore Your Confidence and Shine Again with Our Comprehensive

Hair Loss Solutions

We understand that hair loss can feel overwhelming, leaving you searching for answers and solutions that seem elusive. You might worry about treatments not working, the process being too complicated, or not finding a solution tailored to you.


At Morgan & Moore, we’re here to meet these challenges head-on, offering personalized care that addresses your concerns and exceeds your expectations.

Schedule a consultation and get a scalp analysis from our experts.

Discover the root cause of your hair loss and get started on your treatment journey.

Our Promise To You

To provide you with effective, compassionate hair loss solutions that restore not just your hair, but your confidence and joy in life.

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The Only Nurse Practioner & Trichologist in the Bay Area is at

Leeina Hoff

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Trichologist & Nurse Practioner

Hair Loss Solutions That Actually Work!

Struggling with hair loss can feel like an uphill battle, but with our proven Hair Loss Solutions, you'll see real results that reignite your confidence and bring your hair back to life.


Our approach is rooted in science and personalized care, ensuring that you receive the most effective treatment tailored to your unique needs. From the latest in low-level laser therapy and scalp nourishment to custom-designed trichological treatments and nutritional guidance, we cover all bases to tackle hair loss from every angle.


Our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through your journey, offering support and expertise every step of the way. Whether you're experiencing early signs of thinning or dealing with more advanced hair loss, our solutions are designed to stop hair loss in its tracks and promote regrowth.





Achieve Lasting Results with Our Holistic and Personalized Approach

Expert Trichology Services

Specialized treatments including laser therapy, UV therapy, and more, guided by professionals.

Tailored Products

High-quality, custom solutions for hair and scalp care that suit your unique needs.

Holistic Approach

We consider your overall well-being, offering advice on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to support your hair health

Expert Trichology Services

Every treatment plan is customized, ensuring it's the perfect fit for your hair loss journey.

Schedule a consultation and receive a comprehensive scalp analysis from our experts, and discover the root cause of your hair loss.

How It Works:


Schedule Your Consultation

Click here to schedule  your personalized consultation.


Scalp Analysis

Our experts will conduct a detailed scalp analysis to understand your hair loss.


Customized Treatment Plan

Based on the analysis, we'll craft a tailored treatment plan, including the best services and products for you.


Ongoing Support

We provide continuous care and adjustments as needed, ensuring your journey to hair restoration is smooth and effective.


Scalp and
Hair Analysis Appointment



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26-year-old female Alopecia Areata attack

“In just 5 weeks my daughter grew hair that would normally take her 5 months to grow, after a severe attack like this.”

Triple Certified Trichologist Patti Wood





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