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How It Works

STEP 1 Consultation: To begin the process, please schedule a FREE consultation appointment.

STEP 2 Forms: Ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and signed. Required paperwork will be emailed to you prior to and following the consultation appointment.

STEP 3 Verification: One of our dedicated team members will call your insurance company to verify your coverage.

STEP 4 Customize and Order Your Cranial Prosthesis: We will partner with you in choosing the cranial prosthesis of your dreams! Customize the wave pattern, length, density, and color. Complete and sign a Custom Cranial Prosthesis Order Form.

​STEP 5 Prescription From Your Doctor: Obtain a prescription or letter of medical necessity from a Physician (Primary Doctor, Dermatologist, Oncologist, Rheumatologist, etc.), which should include your medical diagnosis, the diagnosis code, and the procedure code A9282 or A9272 specifically for a Cranial Prosthesis.

STEP 6 Processing Time: Please note that the processing time for most units is 7-14 business days. However, specialty cap construction may take up to 60-90 days. Rest assured; we will keep you updated via email and/or text message.

STEP 7 Claim Filing: We will handle the claim filing process with your insurance company at no additional cost.

STEP 8 Paying Out-Of-Pocket: If you prefer to pay upfront for your cranial prosthesis and seek reimbursement from your insurance company, you will need the following documents: - CMS 1500 Claim Form (provided by us if required by your insurance company) - Letter of Medical Necessity - NPI #1942937172 - EIN #88-2749540 - Procedure Code: A9282 - Detailed Invoice (provided by us) ***If you do not have coverage, don't worry. We have a wide variety of budget-friendly units as well as convenient financing options (see our financing tab).***

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